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Armageddon Outfitters . The Warrior Spirit
Dokumentika , Pramogos, 2. Epizodas, 2012. Metai
In this episode of Apocalypse 101, the Forge Team travels to New York to help a couple create a plan for bugging-out of New York by using the Hudson River as a means of escape. Before they practice the escape route though, Mark and Jimmy help get them in the "warrior mindset" by teaching them some basic self-defense techniques. Meanwhile, Mike and Joel meet with Theo, an urban prepper who is concerned about a variety of scenarios. The guys teach him how to use his environment to his advantage, and give him a lesson in improvised weaponry. The team also meets up with a young family who recently moved to Colorado in the hopes of living off the grid. They teach the family how to bug-out of their small town in the event of an emergency. Finally, a young prepper gets a reality check when his prepping gear and weapons are evaluated by the team.
Armageddon Outfitters . Expect the Unexpected
Dokumentika , Pramogos, 3. Epizodas, 2012. Metai
In this episode of Apocalypse 101, we follow the four members of Forge Survival Supply -- Joel Stevens, Mike Kozeliski, Jimmy Campbell, and Mark Puhaly -- as they help their clients prepare for a variety of Armageddon scenarios. They show a serious prepper couple how to defend their forty acres of land as well as test their skills in a real-life simulation. Meanwhile, they help a young prepper develop his hand-to-hand combat skills and bring out his inner warrior spirit. Later on, the guys meet up with a biker and give him advice on how to protect himself and his motorcycle. Finally, Mike puts his knowledge to the test and builds a Faraday Cage, and the team meets with a specialist to learn about some new weapons.
Mad Scientists . Jet-Powered Office Chair
Dokumentika , Dokumentika, Mokslas, 1. Epizodas, 2011. Metai
John works with Don Giandomenico, a union electrician who builds jet engines from spare parts in his garage. The two men set out to build a sidecar for Don's jet bike out of an office chair. The two men bond during the build, appreciating each other's significant technical skills. John even agrees to babysit Don's kids if Don can propel him faster than 30 miles per hour in the office chair. In front of a cheering crowd, Don and John strap in for a hilarious and thrilling ride.
Mad Scientists . Ultimate Rock Crawler
Dokumentika , Dokumentika, Mokslas, 2. Epizodas, 2011. Metai
John works with Cameron Carlson, a true California dude, to put a functioning fifth wheel on the back of Cameron's unbelievable rock crawling machine. The driving scenes are gnarly. The build scenes are totally stout. And Cameron's junkyard backyard turns up a whole bunch of surprises. When John and Cam take their new contraption out to the quarry to test it in front of Cam's friends, they are in for some real surprises.
Mad Scientists . Turbo-Charged Leaf Blower
Dokumentika , Dokumentika, Mokslas, 3. Epizodas, 2011. Metai
John works with Chris Krug, a South Carolina drag racer who put a helicopter engine in his minivan. After they drag race down Main Street, John and Chris try to build the ultimate jet-powered garden tool. The design isn't pretty, but it sure makes a hell of a lot of smoke. And where there's smoke… there's fire in the driveway. And when they test their new contraption in front of Chris' friends, more sparks are gonna fly.
Mad Scientists . The Moon Jumper
Dokumentika , Dokumentika, Mokslas, 4. Epizodas, 2011. Metai
John teams up with the Needhams, an entire family of creative garage inventors in Reno, Nevada. Together, they design and build a remarkable contraption called the Moon Jumper. The Moon Jumper uses bicycles on the ground to propel riders high in the air around a 120-foot circle. Their collaboration is a celebration of family and old-fashioned ingenuity.
Drain the Oceans . Undersea Empires
Istorinis , Dokumentika, 8. Epizodas, Didžioji Britanija, 2019. Metai, 16+
Beneath the waters of the world, lies undersea empires and relics of their bloody wars. Through the use of cutting edge technology we will uncover lost empires? for the first time. Why did a Pharaoh build fifteen mega-forts and none of them saw a major battle? And how did Britain and Germany get locked into a dangerous arms race, spending billions on ever larger and more powerful battleships. These embattled seas gave rise to some of the greatest superpowers in history!
Drain the Oceans . Pacific Shockwave
Istorinis , Dokumentika, 2. Sezonas, 14. Epizodas, Didžioji Britanija, 2019. Metai, 16+
Drain the Oceans unlocks the secrets of how the Japanese Empire rose to power in the Pacific and how it harnessed superior technology turning that devastating firepower against the Allies. It reveals hidden secrets of a catastrophic attack on Australia that gave Japan control of the region and how its extraordinary tactics brought the British Empire to its knees.
Made in a Day . Fire Trucks
Dokumentika , Mokslas, Serialai, Technologijos, 1. Sezonas, 5. Epizodas, Didžioji Britanija, 2020. Metai, 16+
At the heart of every community, is a firehouse; at the heart of that firehouse are the firefighters who put their lives on the line 24/7. The warhorse that carries them in to battle is the iconic fire truck. There are nearly 250,000 fire trucks worldwide. This is the story of how America's favorite ones are made.
Car S.O.S. . Zodiac Come Back
Dokumentika , Automobiliai, Realybės šou, Serialai, 1. Sezonas, 9. Epizodas, Didžioji Britanija, 2012. Metai, 16+
Tim & Fuzz head to Norfolk on another undercover mission to revive a dwindling 4 wheeled dream. After a lifetime of health problems that have hampered this restoration project, an ageing teddy boy's 1950s Ford Zodiac is fixed up and given some crafty modifications by the CAR SOS crew. The plan is to help this ageing rocker get rolling behind the wheel of his beloved car for the first time in 20 years. But there's a headache when "factory" Fuzz controversially changes the paint back to its original colour scheme, a decision that may make the big reveal a rather tense affair.
Car S.O.S. . Messerschmitt KR200
Dokumentika , Automobiliai, Realybės šou, Serialai, 6. Sezonas, 9. Epizodas, 2018. Metai
Tim and Fuzz have taken on their smallest ever car and one of their biggest jobs, a 1958 Messerschmitt KR200 bubble car. The car's owner is 23 year old graphic designer Sam, he bought the car with his dad as a joint restoration project but when Sam was struck with a serious heart condition their plans were scuppered. Now, with Sam is still dealing with the consequences of his heart problems the Car SOS boys have stepped in to save this tiny Messerschmitt bubble car and help put a smile back on its owners face.
Ultimate Supercar . Bentley Continental GT
Dokumentika , Automobiliai, Technologijos, 1. Sezonas, 3. Epizodas, 2019. Metai
It is a favorite of rappers, superstar athletes, millionaires, and billionaires – The Bentley Continental GT. For the past fifteen years it has been the most successful high-end luxury grand tourer ever built. Now, in order to keep their halo car relevant, Bentley must introduce a new third generation model.
Ultimate Supercar . Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
Dokumentika , Automobiliai, Technologijos, 1. Sezonas, 4. Epizodas, 2019. Metai
The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is the loudest, brashest, and boldest top-of-the-line halo hypercar to come from the house of the raging bull, and quite possibly the last naturally aspirated Italian V12 powered machine ever designed, engineered, and manufactured by the marque in Sant A'gata Bolognese, Italy.
King Fishers .
Dokumentika, Realybės šou, Serialai, 9. Epizodas
In this humorous hour-long format we pitch three passionate anglers, from three different global destinations to discover who is the King Fisher. This episode sees Catfish Queen Natalie, originally from the UK but now based in Spain, take on Bass Master Stephen from Texas, and Saltwater specialist Cedric from Puerto Rico. After a slow start in Spain the fish are soon flying in Texas, before the grand showdown in Puerto Rico will everyone have the sea legs to survive a fishing shoot out?
King Fishers .
Dokumentika, Realybės šou, Serialai, 10. Epizodas
In King Fishers, we challenge three passionate fishermen from three different areas to a head to head battle to determine who is the King Fisher of them all. They travel hundreds of miles across North America, from the edge of the Tropics to the heart of the Tundra, in search of some of the most exciting fish found in these waters. From the sheer variety of North Atlantic species to Bass fishing on a secret lake in California, finally ending with Halibut fishing on the wild Alaskan seas. But it isn't just about who catches the most and who catches the biggest. It's also about who hosts the ultimate fishing trip, with marks awarded both for fish caught and the whole experience. The competition ebbs and flows and the banter flies as these three anglers take in the sites and sounds of each location: from hand feeding pre-historic fish, to dog sledding and spinning out of control on a frozen lake. Who will give their all to snatch the title of King Fisher?
Strippers: Cars for Cash . Hot Hatch Heroes
Dokumentika , Automobiliai, Serialai, 9. Epizodas, 2011. Metai
Two teams compete to see who can make the most money by buying, breaking and selling parts from scrap cars. On the agenda this week for our two teams are Hot Hatches. Revolutionised in the 80s with the introduction of fuel injected engines, these small and relatively affordable cars offered fast speeds and cheap thrills. These 1980s icons are fast becoming modern classics – the question is, will the boys be able to cash in on a rapidly growing parts market?
Strippers: Cars for Cash . American Muscle
Dokumentika , Automobiliai, Serialai, 10. Epizodas, 2011. Metai
Two teams compete to see who can make the most money by buying, breaking and selling parts from scrap cars. To win this week our teams will have to live the American dream as they try to hunt down an affordable Yank Tank to strip for parts. Scarce on British roads, glamorous American marques such as Chevrolet, Dodge and Cadillac are famous for big gutsy engines and impressive straight line speed. The teams would love to pick up a bargain but will they be able to find a heap of American Muscle before stripping begins?
Supercar Megabuild . Chevrolet Camaro
Dokumentika , Automobiliai, Realybės šou, Serialai, 1. Sezonas, 9. Epizodas, 2015. Metai
In this episode of Supercar Megabuild, engineers Ralph and Ranen head to America. Their mentor, car designer, Afzal Kahn has instructed them to source an American Muscle Car and adapt it for the UK market. Their brief is to produce a car for Mr Kahn that will cater for the growing appetite in the UK for these powerful American vehicles – but also appeal to drivers who have to handle the narrow winding roads in Britain and people who favour more of a European styling package. During their American odyssey, Ralph and Ranen conduct a drag race between three different muscle cars to help pick their favorite. The Chevrolet Camaro wins hands down and the engineers enlist local expert "Muscle Car Joe" to help them purchase an SS model and work on its ECU and exhaust system. When they've shipped the car back to the UK, the real work begins. Ralph and Ranen totally overhaul the vehicle, changing the suspension to improve the cars handling, fitting scissor doors and a supercar inspired styling package. For the final, and most important change, Ralph and Ranen call on the help of their Australian colleagues Craig and Matthew Dean. Working non-stop for a week, the team of engineers perform a left to right hand drive on the Camaro. The re-packaged, re-imagined and re-tuned vehicle is then revealed to a group of muscle car fans at the Kahn design showroom.
Supercar Megabuild . Audi A8
Dokumentika , Automobiliai, Realybės šou, Serialai, 1. Sezonas, 10. Epizodas, 2015. Metai
In this episode of Supercar Megabuild, engineers Ralph and Ranen are being put into the deep freeze. Their mentor, car designer, Afzal Kahn has been contacted by a client and friend, asking him to produce a vehicle capable of surviving winter conditions, taking on difficult terrain…and crossing deep snow. To complete their mission, Ralph and Ranen begin by testing out the vehicle given to them by their boss – a comfortable, conservative executive saloon – the Audi A8. Putting it through its paces at an indoor ski centre, they show this vehicle has a long way to go before it can stand up to the clients brief. The subsequent adventure takes Ranen to the alps where he learns about the adaptations needed to take a car "off piste" and Ralph to the Scottish highlands, where he gets to grips with the treacherous terrain the Audi will need to take on. Before the car is revealed to the client in a spectacular finale, Ralph and Ranen modify the engine to withstand sub arctic conditions of minus 40 degrees c, fit bespoke tracks to the four corners of the vehicle and a snow plough so it can crash through even the deepest snow! To make sure this beast of a vehicle stands out from the crowd even more, Designer Afzal Kahn gives the cars styling a complete overhaul.
Megafactories . Ikea
Dokumentika , Dokumentika, Mokslas, 8. Epizodas, 2009. Metai
In 36 countries, in 296 stores IKEA represents a distinct design and an affordable price. Each year nearly 600 million customers choose IKEA. From teaspoons to living rooms, the entire contents of a home are designed, manufactured and supplied in a huge variety of styles, colors and models... almost 10,000 items. To get the job done, suppliers in 54 countries carry out IKEAs vision. In Zbaszynek, Poland, IKEAs largest wood production plant in the world, creates 2 million tables, chairs, sofas and recliners each year. Nearby, in Nowe Skalmmierzyce, IKEAs the companys textile supplier builds over 500 pieces of upholstered furniture daily. In southern Sweden, three ultimate factories create IKEA staples. In Almhult, the prototype for every product is born and an advanced mass produced carpentry factory creates state of the art kitchens. In Kattilstorp, the classic Billy Bookcase is manufactured. And in Hultsfred, the foundation of most IKEA furnishings, the strong, hardwearing particle board is born.
Megafactories . Lamborghini
Dokumentika , Dokumentika, Mokslas, 9. Epizodas, JAV, 2009. Metai, 16+
What does it take to build a car that can go from zero to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and hit a top speed of 211 mph? NGC heads to the small farming community in Italy that is home to the main factory for the Lamborghini Murcielago SV to find out. See how a workforce of 130 people makes the Murcielago's lightweight carbon fiber frame and a 640-horsepower V-12 engine. Much of the work is done by hand, and despite the massive workforce the factory outputs a mere 2.7 Murcielagos a day.
Megafactories . Supercars: Porsche 911
Dokumentika , Dokumentika, Mokslas, 10. Epizodas, JAV, 2009. Metai, 16+
Rolling of the assembly line and taking the world by storm in 1964, the Porsche 911 is now one of the worlds iconic sports cars. Still produced on the same grounds that gave birth to the first 911, this car has grown to 14 variations. From the "modest" 911 Carrera with a top track speed of 185 mph to the 911 GT3, a street legal racecar that tops out at 194 mph; this Ultimate Factory, in Stuttgart, Germany, can offer a color, style, and speed for even the most fastidious driver.
Inside 9/11 . Osama Rising
Karinis , Dokumentika, Serialai, 1. Epizodas, 2005. Metai
The 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan turned radical Muslims into holy warriors ready to die for their faith. Examine the roots of al-Qaeda and the transformation of Osama bin Laden from fundraiser to terrorist mastermind.
Inside 9/11 . Countdown to Terror
Karinis , Dokumentika, Serialai, 2. Epizodas, 2005. Metai
Find out how the al-Qaeda network outmanoeuvred US intelligence with attacks on two African embassies and the USS Cole.
Inside 9/11 . Zero Hour
Karinis , Dokumentika, Serialai, 3. Epizodas, 2005. Metai
On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 al-Qaeda militants seized control of four passenger jets. Hear from investigators, journalists, survivors and government officials, and listen to chilling audio recordings from the planes.
Inside 9/11 . End Game
Karinis , Dokumentika, Serialai, 4. Epizodas, 2005. Metai
While the Twin Towers were burning, a third aircraft hit the Pentagon. Passengers on the final flight fought the hijackers as they headed to a fourth target. As America mourned, the West identified its deadly foe: al-Qaeda.
Bin Laden's Hard Drive .
Dokumentika , Istorinis , Kriminalai, 1. Epizodas, JAV, 2020. Metai, 16+
Newly declassified hard drives taken from the compound where Osama bin Laden was killed reveal a groundbreaking look at his personal life. Experts sift through the 470,000 digital files to piece together a roadmap into the mind of a mass murderer. Examine his contradictory personal psychology, relationship with family and religion as well as his legacy of violence and destruction.
Air Crash Investigation . 9/11: The Pentagon Attack
Dokumentika , Kasdienybė, 15. Sezonas, 2. Epizodas, 2016. Metai, 16+
It is September 11th, 2001, and shortly after taking off from Washington DC, hijackers storm the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 77 and fly the plane into the Pentagon. The symbol of US military might is in flames. Meanwhile in New York City, jetliners have struck the two towers of the World Trade Center. The country is under attack, nearly 3,000 people are dead, and the FBI launches the largest investigation in American history.
9/11: Control the Skies .
Katastrofų, Dokumentika , Serialai, 1. Epizodas
4500 planes are in the air over North America on the morning of September 11, 2001. After four horrifying crashes, no one knows if any other aircraft might be highjacked by terrorists, about to commit further acts of destruction. Where can 4500 planes, and thousands of passengers, safely land? And which might be Al-Qaeda missiles? At that very moment, 500 planes are westbound toward the US. 233 turn back to where they came from, but 167 are past the point of no return. And there is one tiny place on the map that has eyes on them all: Gander, Newfoundland. The lives of 45,000 people over the Atlantic are now in the hands of small team of air traffic controllers in remote, rural Gander, population 10,000. These unsung ATC heroes from a draw on their skills, experience and raw talent to together achieve the impossible, landing 167 planes in three hours without a single incident.
Building Paradise Island . The Deepest Clean
Dokumentika , Serialai, Technologijos, 1. Sezonas, 1. Epizodas, 2020. Metai
An island is purchased, a plan for building paradise made, and the date to open to the public set. But with two gigantic lagoons to excavate and the infrastructure needed to allow the cruise ships to dock, can it be done in time? Before the build can even begin 50 years of industrial waste needs to be cleared away and to prevent erosion, the outline of the island must be reinforced with rock.
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